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Project Description
Programs and Schematics for sending a Short Message Service (SMS) from a computer.

This Project contains Programs and Schematics required to send text messages from a PC as well as receiving a text message using a GSM Module (SIM300CZ Module is the example in this project) via USB connection and of course a SIM Card.

The Board uses FTDI FT232 IC as RS232 Serial to USB Converter and SIM300CZ GSM module for public GSM communications. I Should note that currently, you can only send and receive SMS to another GSM Device (Such as a Cell Phone) While the SIM300CZ Module can be used for calling and GPRS too.

Installing the drivers is necessary. FT232 Virtual COM Drivers are available at:

The Program (Written in C#.Net 4.0) uses Serial Port and AT Commands in order to communicate with SIM300CZ Module.

The Schematic (Downloadable in PDF) provides just an example on how to solder & connect the different components together and it is highly recommended that you redesign the schematic yourself.

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